Zelda - Realm of Shadows


The world of Hyrule searches for a new hero


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Zelda - Realm of Shadows is a roleplaying, aventure, and platform game that is based on the popular Zelda game for Gameboy Advance. It includes an entirely new adventure in which the charismatic Link has to fend off many enemies and overcome even more obstacles.

Just like in all of the Saga's games, you start off your adventure with a range of limitted abilities, such as wielding a sword and not a whole lot more. Once you start the game's story, which lasts about six hours,you can finish off a ton of uncompleted quests.

Visually, Zelda - Realm of Shadows is similar to the classic Zelda - A Link to the Past because it borrows many of its graphics from there. That's true, but the majority of those images have been revamped which creates a more beautiful appearance than what you remember from the original game.

Zelda - Realm of Shadows is a entertaining game, taking into account that it is absolutely free and lets you experience a game that lasts more than five hours. This game will satisfy any fan of the franchise.
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